Why doesn't he talk to me?

So I'm dating this guy and he doesn't really talk to me. Today he walked up to my friend and he asked her why I'm not talking to him and she told him that he should talk to me. Also we were like right next to each other and we just there and didn't talk to each other for like 10 minutes and then I left. Why doesn't he talk to me? Should we break up? by the way we have only been dating for 2 days,

haha in not 12 or 9 I'm 23!:)

and in college!


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  • This guy is not very charming. He should be asking you all kinds of questions to get to know you, and you should do the same.

    You (and him) don't have to have any stories or jokes to say; all you need is questions about the individual. And the conversation will go off on a tangent from one of those questions.

    If he star-struck you the first time he asked you out, then give him another chance. Maybe he needs to be broken out of his shell. You can do that by asking him all kinds of questions about:

    where he grew up

    which sports he played in high school (if not, then ask what else he did)

    previous bad jobs (and bosses) he's had (that can make some interesting stories)

    where does he see his career at age 30 and 40

    ask what he did this week (no matter how boring the week might have been)

    where is he traveling over thanksgiving

    what are all the places he's traveled too

    what are all the places he would want to visit and why

    how many brothers or sisters does he have


    And hopefully he will give you more than one-word answers to all of those questions. If this many questions doesn't get him out of his shell and excited to talk about something, then he is a lost cause.


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  • You've been 'dating' for two days and you aren't talking. Wow.