What to say when a guy asks me out?

I've never really been involved with guys or gone out on a date before because I was a really shy and rejected every guy who asked me out.

But now, I'm much more confident with guys and I've been texting this particular guy.

He just texted me asking if I want to meet up in the next week or two and what I want to do - food/drinks?

I know I'm over thinking thinking it but what will I text back to him? I want him to decide what we're gonna do, do I just say 'yeah, I don't mind what we do' or what?


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  • "I don't mind" sounds very indifferent if not rude and arrogant.

    I would rather say "Yes, it would be nice to see you. Pick a place and a date and update me". This sounds nice, polite and interested.


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