What more should I say?

so I texted the guy I liked but he didn't text back so took that as a clue of he's definitely not interested but then he texted me back and said "hey :) nm u? just got out of a long nap ha ha" (I didn't respond because I wasn't paying attention to my phone) so he texted me again saying "your probably knocked out. tty2morrow :). Night." and then he texted again "PS a 6 hour nap ha ha"

its the next day and now I have no clue what to say back..all I have so far is "heyy yeah I fell asleep sorry ha ha. wow 6 hours?" what more should I say or say instead?

thanks for everyones advice :) everything went well haha.


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  • key to texting is you should never stay too long on a topic, unless it stays funny and fun ofc. But better stop talking about something on the top of excitement than when you're talked out of it, it ruins the "fun that could have come if we wanted" that desire for more is what you want to great.

    • ah yes that is true haha. I have that problem but I'm trying to get him to talk about himself because I feel like he's asking all the questions about me so I feel like I'm talking about myself too much and sure its nice but I want to know him too

    • Then simple say things like: so you really think I'm just gonna say such a thing to you? ;) we've been texting for only 2 days and you already want to know what I'm wearing? how about you tell me first what color your boxer shorts are? :)

      Just a stupid example. Just trying to say you should try to keep some 'mystery' around you. Because hey, where's the magic once you know how the trick works? indeed gone.

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  • You're over thinking this. Move the interaction forward. If you like him, suggest you hang out together or something.


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  • Hey yea how are you today? No need to discuss where you were and go from there.

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