Should I text him? What should I do about him worrying about my Dad?

This guy (friend of a mutual friend) and I went on a date (even though I didn't know him that well) in July on his bday. Spent entire day together. Had a great time. After that he calls and texts me every so often. So the mutual friend told me that there is only one problem. The guy hunts and is buddies with my dad and my dads friend. My guy told the mutual friend that he is scared to piss off my dad if we didn't work out/something would happen, so that's why we haven't gone on another date. Flash forward to last night. Mutual friend has party at his house. My guy is there, and keep in mind we still text/talk. So my guys best friend, Alan, and his girlfriend comes up and say congrats to me for something I got, and I was like how did you know and Alan was like I'm his (my guy's-we'll call my guy "Fred') best friend so I know all about you. I was shocked and so Alan kept trying to push me at my guy all night and kept saying "I think you and Fred need to go out again." and he kept saying this again. I said well he hasn't asked, and Alan and his girlfriend were like "it's because he's scared to piss off your dad" and I told them that was crazy and "guy like" haha. Anyway, he kept saying that he thinks me and Fred need to go out again and I started blushing/giggling and Alan was like "Ahh see there you are blushing!" and was like all excited when I remembered when our date was. I got to the party late because I went to see a movie, and Fred was like so did you enjoy seeing your movie? I really want to see it and like tugged my hair (since I was turned away from him, to get my attention). I want to be with him so bad and I just want him to go for it and not worry about my dad. So Question:

1. What should I do?

2. I am thinking of sending a text...should I or should I let it go? It seems he always texts/call me first.

Should I say: "Glad I got to see you last night (even though we didn't get ot talk much). Hope you have a good day! "or should I just not send him anything? or what should I say?

Please respond, please!


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  • You should at least hint at what you are feeling. Sometimes there are guys that are reluctant to be upfront with how they feel about girls (although it is more common in girls.) This whole "dad" thing is really up to you if it might reappear later. Classic Romeo Juliet which, makes this question fun respond to. Families should appreciate what you have and want you to be happy. Sooo... at least text him and ask him to do something or try to get to go to an event where you will be. It sounds like you are both shy about this thing, so I would recommend texting. If you don't want to ask him out directly tell him about an event you might both be interested in and say you are going BUT have no one to go with. This with tell you if he is feeling the same. Somewhat manipulative, but love is a game and you want to win. Right?

    • Hey can you help me out w/something else? We have kindof progressed some. He got dumped &i've been talking to his BFF (who is trying 2 get us 2gether). My guy wrote on my wall, "I think we are in need of another fishing trip w/a side of BBQ" (our 1st date) on my wall Friday and then his ex went and put on his wall "You+Me+Toby (the dog he gave her)= :)". Is this bad? Why would he want to go out w/me again if they were back together? His bff said it was a stupid relationship (him and the other girl

    • His ex is prob stalking him which is why she wrote what she did just to get to you... I say go for it.. .. get your dads opinion.. your dad knows him and might be able to say something about it.. fathers get feelings when thing aren't right... I wish I had listened to my dad

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  • I say go for it

  • I'm wondering: about him hunting and being your fathers' friend and afraid of your father : would he have your fathers' age? :-S


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  • i say go for it. text him and tell me that he don't need to worry about your dad and he should take you out on a date again and just worry about making you happy.

    because you being happy is all that matters.

    • I want to, but see he doesn't know that I know that he is worried about making my dad mad if we didn't work out. His bff told me, so I'm stuck!!!! :(

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    • I just don't want him to get mad if I say something since that would be "ratting out" his best friend ...

    • Well then just ask him out your self

  • 1) maybe if you want to go out ask him. That way if it doesn't work out, you can be like "I asked him out. It's not his fault"
    2) just text him. Ask him out. What's the worst that will happen? He'll say no.

  • Well it doesn't hurt to try just text him... sometimes a guy is too scared to do things first so don't be afraid to be the one that does it...

    • I texted him and said I was glad to see you hope to see you soon, and he responded yeah it was definitely good to see you too, we'll have to do it again soon. Does this mean he wants to talke me on a second date or get together with the entire party again???

    • Well he probably wants to see you again.

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