How do I talk to my boyfriend without sounding needy?

I feel like my boyfriend doesn't pay enough attention to me. He lives an hour away so we only get to see each other about twice a week so when were apart being able to talk really important to me. I don't feel right talking to him about it cause we've only been together for 3 weeks so I don't wanna ask for too much too soon and risk sounding needy. But we've been talking for 6 months and I sincerely feel like we talked more when we weren't together, he made me happier when we weren't together and I felt more wanted when we weren't together and when we got together I didn't want it to change. How do I talk to him?


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  • You can tell him how you feel and that he should text you more and talk to you more. I think he is acting laid back because he figured he already got you and now he doesn't have to work to hard to impress you. Maybe he is just assuming everything is alright. I guess tell him when you feel the time is right. 3 weeks does sound to early. Give it some time then tell him.


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