The never-ending texting!

Let's say the girl (me) always initiates the texting. He always answers, but it can take a while sometimes. This led me to think that he just "wasn't that into me".

However, after 5 weeks of nothing HE texts ME first, and actually wants to meet.

So, my question is: I know it's very individual from person to person, but when a guy behaves this way, does it indicate that he could be really interested or is he just wanting what he thinks he can't have?

BTW, by 5 weeks of nothing, I mean that I didn't contact him at all during that time. Obvious maybe.


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  • Guys love attention. You were initiating contacts and then all of a sudden you went cold. He is wondering what happened? So he made a move. This is a generalization of course. But fairly an accurate one. Go out with him of you like. But don't chase him so much step back and let him come to you.