How to fix the problem of not telling a girl how you feel?

Hey, so this probably sounds kinda sad but I figure this is the place to ask this... I've had this problem in the past where I see a girl a couple times but I am not sure if she is really into me. A much more immediate concern is that I feel like the signs are there but I get cold feet basically and don't tell her how I feel. I work it out all in my head (today for example, saw a movie with a girl I like. 2nd time going out and I was planning on telling her how I felt about her.. we are old friends so its not a random person I met) I always beat myself up mentally after and regret not being more forward with my actions (putting my arm around her, etc) Is there anything I can do to help with this? I'm actually planning on seeing her tomorrow and talking to her in private to let her know... A fast reply is appreciated. Thanks!


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  • You sound like any person in the beginning makings of what could be a relationship. I think the issue is your confidence, or lack there of. This of it this way, although you feel as if you've dropped the ball with other gals perhaps even this one, they (meaning all the girls that have went out with you) chose to date you. I'm sure you didn't hold a gun up to their head or blackmail them to do so. Therefore, there is already some sort of attraction from the get go. It could be your good looks, personality, with and so on.

    You should be confident because the gal is already semi-interested. Don't let the doubting Nellie in your head tell you otherwise. Send me a message tomorrow and let me know how it goes!

    • Thanks for the kind words/advice. It's greatly appreciated. I actually texted her tonight saying how I was glad we got to hang out again and that I needed to talk to her about some stuff. We have a mutual place of interest that I will see her at tomorrow so I told her I would be there. She responded by saying like "Of course! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Goodnight! =)"

      She's an intelligent and perceptive girl so I'm pretty sure she knows what's coming? Seems like a good response..

    • Well, turns out she had no idea and just thought of me as a friend. A good friend, but still a friend. Sucks..

    • Glad I could help!

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