Girls - I have recently met a girl and I am struggling with past habits

I recently met a girl at a concert and we hit it off pretty well that night. I have talked to her off and on through text since and it has been over a week since we actually met. I have no issue with doing a meet and great in person because I love to sell myself and learn the people around me. But regarding phone usage I can never guage a girls interest. I approach conversation through the phone with little to no confidence which is a complete turn around from when I am in person with an individual. I think one of the main factors has to deal with my issues regarding text is that you get to think up the message and review it before sending, allowing me 'too much' time to think/overthink what I say.

I want to pursue this girl, but I am still having qualms with how to direct the conversation. This issue has plagued me in the past when I have picked up numbers, etc... and not followed through on visiting with the girl again. What are some suggestions to break this habit, and for me to approach a conversation through the phone with confidence?


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  • honestly.. I know plenty of guys that just don't talk a lot over comp or phone.. but they talk just fine in person.. so if your the kind of guy that overthinks what to say.. call her instead of texting.. we love you hear our crush's voices way better than a text any day!


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