Guys, if the girl says in person "text me if you want to hangout"...

So I'm hanging out wth this guy, a couple weekends ago we had an obvious attraction for eachothe, we were only a little drunk but not beligerent

I hungout eith him today forthe afternoon and when I left I said well text me if you want to hangout tonight

no text...

am I over thinkin it or what...


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  • Give it some time, if he doesn't text after a few days, move on... if a guy really likes you, he will text you.

    • hes really shy though and that usually means the girl has to make the the relationship go aomewhere

    • Then do work son

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys will never be the first to text you, you must be aggressive especially when it comes to communication, text him first and if he does not respond in the next 2 hours ditch him

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