Trying to figure out how to ask this girl out?

Okay there were a couple times where some random older lady told me I was cute. When I heard that I was about 20lbs heavier, now yeah I lost 20lbs but still could lose another 20 (Iam 187 at 5' 9''). So it is like I never know if girls my age are thinking hey he is cute. Most of the time a girl shows interest she is always one I am not interested in (tend to be too young). It is because a lot of people think that I am younger then I really am. I don't know how to approach a girl, because the guys that some of them think are good looking are like skinny, or might have a boyfriend.

One girl I think is cute in my class I have her on Facebook, I was trying to ask her something about class and she just gave me her number, because she was busy with something and about to come off. After I asked her I don't know if I should use her number to try and get a date with her. I got the number in a way where she has no idea I like her. We are on break for a whole week so I don't know what the heck to do as far calling her up to go out one day. Also comes figuring out where to go since I have never really gone out with her.


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  • First off Stop fixating on your weight. Most women I know are not only into the Ken doll looking guys. Some meat is good! lol on how to ask this girl out.. ask her to study for a test with you or something like that. Go to starbucks and talk over a cup of coffee or something. A study date is always good because of there is awkward silence you can always just look at the book. :) Don't always assume pretty girls have a boyfriend. To be honest with you its usually that pretty girls are single because men are always scared of asking us out.


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  • Send her texts every few days,

    "Hey, hows it going?"

    When she responses say "That's great, I hope you have a good one."

    During Thanksgiving "Say, I hope you have a great thanksgiving."

    Then eventually begin to say more, like "Hey, do you want to hang out sometime?"

    Just try to ease every thing on her slowly, without jumping overseas too fast.

  • Well that's similar to what happened with me and my boyfriend, he just talked to me on FB and then I suppose that you could ask her on FB if you didn't want to use her number. But just ask her if maybe she wants to go out for a drink or maybe something to eat, I mean it's always a good starter :) can talk and get to know each other more :)


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