My problem with meeting new girls. Someone please help me!

OK so I am really good at talking to girls and getting to know them and getting them to like me.

But the problem is, I can't meet new girls. Like its just the problem of knowing whether a girl is interested. I feel like I can have a better sex life and better relationships with girls, if I can find a good way to meet new ones.

Please someone help me with this problem.


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  • I would say I am moderately successful at meeting new women. What works for me is socializing durring the day time in activities like taekwondo (I am a committee member at my university). Not shying away from starting conversation with random people either. Just yesterday I meet 3 girls just outside my house, they asked for the time and we talked and I found out they were my neighbors and I invited them over to my place for a beer and then they invited me to hang with them and go clubbing, which is declined since I was too tired. Just be open and friendly with people. Also don't make the mistake of being that guy that always focuses on just talking to women. It is unattractive and women perceive it when you ignore everyone else but her on a table. Be the social guy who talks to everyone and she will be more comfortable with you later on.