How to move the relationship forward?

So me and this girl are friends... But definitely not in the friend zone.

We have hung out a couple times- but with a mutual friend.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to follow up much after that because it was just coincidence that I didn't see her much afterward for a week or two.

I want to be her boyfriend- but what to say/ do...

I have already hung out with her, so "asking her out" doesn't really make sense because we have already hung out...

So the only thing that is left is to tell her that I like her- and that's good because there is no room for mis-interpretation.

Any other suggestions? Or good tips on what to say (girls)?


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  • Tell her you like her...Best way to do it is be clear! tell her why you like her, girls are vain no matter what they say ha ha

    we LOOOOOOOOVE compliments :)


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  • Just tell her you like her. Simple.

    • Yeah I'm going to end up doing that... There is nothing else- and it's the best way.

      Anything in particular that would nice to say? (I am a straightforward guy, but can you think of anything cute that would make you (her) laugh?)

    • not that I can think of :/ maybe buy her flowers or something?

    • ^nah... not my style. but thanks anyways!

  • Tell.her.goodness! It's better than living with that feeling forever and never knowing what could've been...


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  • im in the same place with an Asian real pretty and all but she's shy so if you ask her before I do can you tell me how it goes

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