Is it time to move on? What would you do?

I have a younger coworker and we have a mutual attraction. We've kissed and that was two months ago. Unfortunately someone in the office told her she should be careful about getting a reputation. Lately She always waves with a smile and looks down, starts half the conversations though I carry them. Asks me questions that she already knows the answers to. will sit next to me when there are other seats. But always looks confused or hurt around me.

I don't think this gonna change and I am ready to move on. There is another girl from several months ago that I didn't pursue until I have closure on the first girl. I am ready to pursue her.

Any thought? Move on, have a final talk with her?


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  • Well this is a rather strange situation but if you have found someone else I say leave it alone. Sometimes things just don't work out and (admittedly) women a re fickle creatures. Let her go and be happy with this new woman.


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