Girls, will you initiate a text conversation if you're interested in a guy? + another question

Plain and straight forward question -

If you are interested in a guy, will you ever initiate a text conversation with him? Or do you let him always do it?

Also, in your opinions when do you consider a guy to be texting you too much? I've been texting this girl for the past week, but I am unsure if texting her everyday would be too much?

Your answers are appreciated!


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  • Yes but typically I do a ratio. for every 3 times he texts me first I will text him first once. As far as when is too much, I love to be texted every day when I am dating a guy. It lets me know I'm on his mind. If she isn't texting you back then you might have a problem. Really though, texting is a poor gauge for how interested a person is.

    • Oh, she texts back lol.

      Might be bad wording, apologies. Let me try to rephrase; is it too much to try and talk to her everyday?

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    • I guess I just don't want to appear clingy. Especially since we agreed we should hang out, but she hasn't gotten back to me on when she's free this week.

    • You should suggest an activity.. for example you could say "Hey, (insert movie) is playing Thursday night at 7:30. Wanna go?" Be a little forward. She obviously likes you so don't worry.

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  • I'd like it if a guy texted me everyday, but the key is to not overdo it. How can you overdo it? By asking her more than 2 questions in one text; sending multiple texts before she's even answered one; and sending texts asking her why she hasn't replied to your previous texts.

    I won't initiate a text convo with a guy until he's initiated contact with me the first few times. I want to make sure that he's definitely interested in me before I start initiating. Otherwise, I'll feel like I'm being too eager by initiating early on.

  • yes. if I want to text someone, I text them. I hate all this over-analyzing texts bullsh*t.

  • For me, it depends on if I am close to the guy or not. If I am not too close to him, I won't text him first because I'd be scared to be bothering him. Unless I have been talking to him for a straight week. But Sometimes if you really like somebody you need to initiate the conversation, or he'll never know!:) So in my opinion, It really depends on how much you like them.


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