Next move with this girl?

I met this girl the other night in a club. We hit it off straight away and everything like that. I woke up the next morning to a new friend request and being tagged in a lot of photos with her.I'm talking really close in about ten photos here. My problem is her runs in one circle of friend and me in the other circle of friends.

My question is how do I proceed next? I'm talking to her now on Facebook but would like to move things to the next level. I always get put in the friend zone because I can be too nice sometimes.

Any advice is appreciated.

Right so I got her number and suggested that we do something like the other night again. Anything else or do I just wait it out, talking to her regularly?
I must point out that we are on Erasmus so mini golf, cinema and/or bowling if difficult to come by here in Germany. But I understand what you mean. :)

I don't want to take things too fast and then scare here off all to together. For all I know she is just being friendly with me and has no intention to see me again.


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  • I met my boyfriend this way.. We were in different groups of friends but my best friend was in one of his tuts, so it was my first night out and I spent the night with him we kissed and he got my number.. he'd message me a few times and added me on Facebook. It more started towards the end of each week he would ask what I was doing on the weekend and I'd say I'm going here - most people go the same few places. So we met up about 3 more times in clubs just kissing and he bought me drinks.. then the morning after he'd message me and be like "how you feeling?" stuff like that he asked me to the beach and lunch about 5 times - but I thought it could be weird. He finally msged me saying, what are you doing Thursday night and I said nothing and he said "I'm taking you to dinner" and from that we just kept catching up till he asked me to be his girlfriend 2 months later.

    So in terms of friend zone - buy her a drink (im not saying spend all your money, just one is good! - or it makes us feel guilty) this is to let her know your interested, then hook up at the end of the night next time your out together. Get to know her friends! because my boyfriend would speak to my best friend a lot find out where I was rather than looking desperate to me - of coarse she told me he asked but it was really cute that he cared!


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  • i'd say invite her out, just the two of you! just something fun like bowling or mini golf! nothing too intimate that might scare her away! but definitely invite her out! She was obviously thinking of you if she has you already tagged! She's not shy that you were with her!

  • Give her hints! Get her number and ask her to go on a date with you. good luckk!:)

  • I'd say you start texting her and then a few days later just call her up and ask her out. It really doesn't matter that you two hangout with differnt crowds becasue if you start seeing each other you two are bound to meet and befriend each others friends :) good luck


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