Relationships: what have you learned so far?

What lessons have you learned from your relationship so far ? It can be any relationship not just love relationship..

What advice, or warning would you give to someone much younger than you ?


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  • For romantic relationships:

    -girls tend to make up parts of the relationship, that the guy isn't giving to them. You have to be careful, and take a step back and realize what you're relationship actually is.

    -Girls are normally a lot more into the relationship than the guy, but if you find a guy that is more into it than you, keep him and don't let him go.

    -Do NOT go for a known player, unless he tries harder for you than other girls

    -Everyone deserves a chance, but if you're not attracted to them, don't bother. Half the relationship is about physical stuff, so why would you go through with it if you don't enjoy half the relationship.

    -You should work for the guy just as much as he works for you.

    -Don't get too jealous if you see him talking to other girls, but if he hugs another girl and it makes you uncomforatable, talk to him about it.

    -^^^Also notice the type of hug he gives, if she hugs him, but he barely hugs back, it probably means that she likes him. If he hugs her more than she does, he might be interested in her, or trying to make you jealoius. If it's equal, it could either mean they're good friends, or there is something else going on there

    -Don't be afraid to talk to your boyfriend about your feelings

    -^^^If he won't listen to your feelings, dump him then and there. I promise you he is SO not worth your time and is only in it for the physical stuff.


    -Most friends will get mad at you for your first mistake. It's not worth worrying about, because they will forgive you.

    -Be able to admit you're wrong sometimes. No one is perfect, but it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.

    -When you find a good friend that doesn't get mad after every mistake, keep them. There the people you want as your best friends.

    -Don't be one of those friends who does those annoying things like hits people all the time even as a joke, ALWAYS talks about yourself, never takes showers, etc. And if you're quiet, hanging out with really outgoing people is only going to make you insecure, hang out with people like you. Who cares about being labeled as a nerd or popular, once you're out of school, none of that is going to transfer.


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  • i learned things I can handle and things I can't and before opening your heart to a person you should really really get to know them to see if that's what you actually want to do and that will take a while


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  • I've learned that the right guy (or gal) will come in time, and to try and force yourself to be in a relationship will result in more pain then just enjoying being single. Do what you love, be yourself, and someone will come along and appreciate you exactly for who you are.