How can I get my boyfriend to open up more to me?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for while now and he still barely opens up to me. I've asked him a bunch of times why he's so closed off but he tells me its just how he was brought up. As a kid he never talked about things with his family so he just keeps it all to himself. I constantly tell him he needs to be more open but he's just not understanding that. I love him and want us to work but its driving me insane Any advice?


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  • Not opening up is a guy thing. "No I don't want to talk bout this right now and I am in control here." Don't overly force him to talk to you because that would most likely cause more resistance. It is really hard for a guy to be open. It is hard because to them being open in like a sign of weakness. So many times guys are told to suck it up and get on with their lives. Girls however are like the radio that you can never find the power off button. They want to say something they say it. I think if it really bothers you then address it with him. If he has trouble understanding what you mean and remains closed then you have to follow your gut. He might be one of those people who you will never get a full story from. If this is impairing your relationship then move on. It takes TWO people to be a relationship and that often means TWO people have to make the efforts. Hope this helps.