How frequently should I text him?

I've only been seeing this guy a short while so I'm trying to give him distance and not seem clingy, but I don't know how frequently I should text him. So far he initiates texting with me mostly, but sometimes I just want to say hi.

Is once a day too much...every other day? or just wait for him to text?


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  • I think you should initiate the conversation every now and then especially if you are interested. I really appreciate it when a girl I am interested in texts me first.

    Now to stay on the topic of texting, some people don't mind it but I know I can't tolerate it. Don't send the guy back to back messages unless the message is long enough to require multiple messages or if the situation calls for it. I have had 2 girls in the past text me constantly if I didn't respond within 10-20 minutes and it was nearly harrassment. I understand some people need a response, but I can't literally text non stop especially when I am busy


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  • Well since he usually starts the conversation it wouldn't hurt to start it first. Maybe just go by if he starts it one day you start it the next.. and see if a little pattern builds up. I think every other day isn't a bad idea and if you just started seeing each other saying hi shouldn't be considered clingy ((: