Am I the only guy that wants to wait for a special girl?

I'm 18 years old an in college. I'm single, never had a girlfriend. I've never even kissed a girl yet, but not because I haven't had the chance. I know of at least 2 girls I could have kissed and probably gone further with (and not because they were drunk or something, they liked me as more than friends), but didn't out of choice because I had no feelings for them, and I want my first whatever to be with someone I want to be with long term and not just some random girl I have no feelings for.

I know this is against what 99% of guys do and subsequently that's why I'm one of the only guys here who hasn't had a girlfriend, and I'm definitely one of the only guys here who hasn't even kissed a girl. It's getting really annoying, and it's not a good feeling to see couples obviously in love when I've been alone forever.

Should I just give up on this and go for the next girl that shows interest in me? It's starting to feel like it's not worth it, plus I don't want to scare off a girl I like with my inexperience. I really have no idea what to do when you lean in to kiss a girl :(

Thanks in advance.


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  • No definitely not. What you are doing is commendable and shows great morals and respect for yourself and your future wife, there is no greater gift to give to your wife then saving yourself for them before you even knew them. I wasn't necessarily waiting for marriage but waiting for the girl I knew I could marry, and I did. And I thank God everyday I did and for the gift I was able to give her. Now the flip side is that she now regrets that she didn't even though I have never and would never make her or want her to feel guilty for that(she actually found herself in a similar situation as you and gave in only to meet me a week later and regret it to this day, I would never tell her but there is a part of me that still wishes I met her a week before lol). But I knew,even with some of the loose girls I dated that wanted it, that what I had was sacred and at a minimum I should feel the girl I gave it to was not only worth it, but someone I could see myself with forever because once sex is involved that becomes a very real possibility as it did for us becoming pregnant in the first months of our relationship, but 11 years later we have another child and I am so glad I waited to not only give her that gift but be able to enjoy my life with her rather then risk it with someone else that wasn't my future wife and feel a need to stay for a child or risk everything else that comes along with sex with someone you are not committed to.


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  • Your not the only guy. lol I have a friend like you. Hasn't done anything, doesn't even socially drink or anything. He just, lives in his room. But as far as I can tell when we do hangout he's perfectly happy with his life. So I say as long as your happy, that's all that matters.

    • I'm not unhappy with my life, it would just be a lot better with a girl in it.

    • I see your point. lol I think the same oftentimes. I just, I still try my best not to think about it.

  • IMO, having a d*** & balls is all the damn experience you need. Just pound away like a beast!

    • Yeah you have fun doing that until you die of a heart attack wacking off at 50 years old. I want a real woman one day.

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    • What I was saying was a lot of it will coming naturally and you will learn quickly and by yourself to how to please a women so scaring off by "inexperience" is not something you need to worry about. A lot of women would find you attractive based on you not having ex gfs and therefore not having emotional baggage among other things. I would say I am a pretty similar guy compared to you but a lot more firm in my beliefs. I wouldn't recommend laying down the next girl you meet but maybe you need to

    • socialize more so that you can find that right and only person you have been looking for.