Think he was just busy? and I'm reading to much into it?

he seems to be distant. but he does go through these phases when he is busy/stressed. let me explain.

we are "talking" just not official. so yesterday we exchanged maybe 10 texts... he seemed OK, like there first text from him was "morning. I remember what are bet was! pretzels! =)" and I laughed and said oh yea. so then he went to work, unusual tho Because he didn't call. then later on in the day, we texted a little more, but he was giving short answers. then I said nite, and he replied gnite. which, he usually calls, but didn't. I asked "u busy or just not in the mood to talk?" he said busy feeding/cleaning snakes. so I said OK, call when your finished if you can please. he never called,. or texted, but was on fb.

we are both 21 and over


1. think he was just busy? and I'm reading to much into it.

2. should I stl text him this morning, like I usually do? what would I.say?

3. any advice would help. thanks



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  • Yes you ar e thinking bout it too much..give him some room and let him contact you now.