Girls, which of these things would make you not want to call him back for a 2nd date the most?

You are on a first date, and the guy does one of the following. Which one would be the worst?

  • Doesn't open doors for you
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  • Doesn't offer to pay for the meal
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  • Doesn't look into your eyes much when you talk
    Vote C
  • Checks his phone around you
    Vote D
  • Tries to kiss you on the 1st date
    Vote E
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  • A-shows me he's a gentlman

    B- Shows me he's broke or cheap or looking for a sugar mama

    C-if does no look me the eyes means he's nevus or looking at my chest to long

    D-is rude

    E-he just wants sex

    If I had to pick one it would be a tie b and d


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  • It's between C and D for me. Some amount of eye contact is important in establishing a connection. But being on your phone is pretty rude. Say you get a text, okay so you take out your phone and see that you've gotten one. Proper etiquette would say to put it back away and check it later. Same if someone calls you. Check who it is, if it's someone you NEED to take a call from, then explain that it's an emergency and possibly why you need to pick up, and I'd be okay with that. Otherwise, silence your phone and put it away.

  • A: Nothing wrong with that

    B: I don't like people paying stuff for me :P

    C: I really dislike when people don't look at me when I talk to them :P

    D: Also really dislike this. I'd probably end up making an excuse to leave early if he does it continuously.

    E: I like kisses :) and if I'm not ready yet, I'd tell him. Hopefully, he understands.

  • A. I don't care if he doesn't open the door for me. A door isn't worth making a big deal over.

    B. This is the one I picked. I might be okay with picking up the tab, but at least be man enough to offer.

    C. Just a sign of nervousness. Probably only doing it because it's the first date.

    D. Is usually a sign that he's not interested, so I would be a little put off.

    E. I've almost always been kissed on the first date. I don't mind, as long as the date went well and I plan on seeing him again.

  • only D (it shows that he's rude,bored,and isn't that into me,so why call him?) and E (well it depends,if it's all movie-magic-omgz-he's-my-soul-mate like,it's ok,but 99.99% of the time-too soon,man) bother me.

    A-well most guys open doors for me,i don't think I've ever opened the door myself if there was a guy with me,but I don't demand or expect it,i have hands and I'll gladly open the door for myself or him.

    B-i'm not from the 50's and I'm not a gold digger so why would that be a problem?

    C-if he's looking down,it shows that he's shy-and that's fine,we all get shy sometimes,it's cute,but if he looks around the room-AW HELL NAW-refer to my opinion on D

  • D: Checks his phone around you

    That is so rude. If you're on a date and you actually want to spend time with that person, you do NOT answer your phone. Answering his phone tells me that he's not that into me and why would I waste time on someone like that?

  • a) I have 2 arms - I can open the doors for myself. It'd be nice if he did, but I'm not going to berate him if he doesn't. That's ridiculous.

    b) If he asked me out, I'm expecting he has enough money to at least split the cost of the date. But if I asked him out, I don't expect him to pay.

    c) Shows me he's distracted by something else, and thus not particularly interested. It's rude.

    d) This just tells me his phone is more important than our date. This is the option I chose. If you can't put your goddamn phone away during a date, then perhaps he should be on a date with whomever he's texting/e-mailing, and not me.

    e) Not a big deal. But it depends on the kiss. If it's too aggressive or happens too quickly, I'll question his intentions.

  • lol I must be THE easiest person to date. A and B I just consider sweet and superbly awesome, but if they don't, that's not exactly a deal breaker. I'll hold the door open too, you know? Depends on who's in the better position to do it. If that makes sense? As for D, I'm okay with that too, as long as he's not glued to it or not paying any attention to me. A little phone check here and there is really no biggy. Plus, I don't know what he's talking about you know? It could be about his old grandpa. Or his friend could be having a crisis. It happens. E is also acceptable, within reason. Sometimes the chemistry is just there! But D... I'm an eyes girl, I love eye contact, especially when they shy away and look back at you. If he shows no interest in even looking at me, then that'd be the reason why I'd need to go.

  • my big one is if there's just no spark, we don't have much in common and the conversation is dull.

  • A- I can live with that XD

    B- Barebal if he's a really nice and sweet guy

    C-Now that is just rude and very annoying

    D- Total deal-breaker for me, if he does that I'll just say ''I'm obviously boring you so I'm leaving! Pig!''

    E- I'd actually like that a lot :)

  • Checking his phone around me. It's okay if it's just once or something but if he does it a lot I'd take it to mean that he isn't interested and just wants to leave.

  • D. If he keeps fiddling around with his phone and doesn't seem too interested in the date, then I wouldn't be too interested in going back out with him.

  • D. I guess, I'd get annoyed if they were on their phone textin' all the time

  • A. I expect him to open the door for me. I want to date a gentleman

    B. This is the one I picked in the poll.

    C. This shows lack of confidence or lack of social etiquette and its a turnoff

    D. If the date went well then I have no problem with this.

  • definitely D.

  • I'd say B and C.

  • I would say all of the above but there's nothing worse than a guy checking his phone every five minutes it makes you feel as though you aren't important enough for him to put away his phone for 5 minutes...But like holding the door little thing

  • none of them really bother me but I guess I would have to go with D ?...

  • I guess not offering to pay would be the *worst*. I mean OFFER, and not actual paying, cause I'm very much in favor of splitting.

  • C or D. I'd wonder why he's not looking at me, if a guy is into you, you'd think he'd make eye contact. Is there something he's not telling me? Does he not find me attractive?

    For D, that's just annoying and rude. Do you really enjoy talking to your friends more than me? It's one date, and the first date! I feel like his friends would come before me in the relationship.

  • A- I have hands to do that. It's always a plus but not a necessity.

    B- It's different here but I'll go with the flow. Nah, not a big deal. I like to pay for myself anyway.

    C- It's like he starts his stop watch and starts counting 5 minutes and looking like that O_O and then the 5 minutes ends he says "Phew! Thank you! My friends advised me to do that!"

    lol No, that's weird

    D- I don't think it's rude at all

    E- This doesn't happen here, bud lol

    None of the above!

    • Really the phone thing wouldn't p*ss you off? It sure would with me. :-P

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    • You must have formidable patience then lol. 999freakshow's quote pretty much sums it up for me too. (replace pig with bitch) lol :-P

    • lol nah, I'm not patient, just understanding :)

What Guys Said 2

  • A = Stupid if any girl expects this still.

    B = gold digger hos. No reason to bother with them anyways. Also still stupid any woman expects this.

    C = understandable if they are looking at her t*ts. But if he's just looking away, he might be shy.

    D = Rude, understandable she'd be upset.

    E = Could see this being bad too if she's more reserved and conservative about who she kisses and does intimate stuff with (which is acceptable).

    Basically any woman who chooses A or B sucks a d***.

  • Its a sad world when 25% of the girls chose B.

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