Should I text him first?

I really like this guy, he showed signs of liking me but nothing happened between us all week he had texted me every single day. Now that we decided to be friends he doesn't text me as much. I really want to talk to him cause I want to be more. Yesterday I texted him and it took him forever to respond (but it usually does normally) and he told me he'd text me after work but never did. So I was gonna text him today but I don't wanna seem clingy or I'm scared he's a work and I'll be bugging him. HELP!


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  • What made the two of you decide to just be friends if you wanted more? Do what you can, NOT to text him. I know its hard.

    • he's scared that if we didn't end our relationship well he'd lose me completely so he'd rather have me as a friend then have me as a girlfriend that way I'm in his life definitely. But I don't like this decision but I want him to be happy so I just went along with it. Basically I was forced into a situation where I have to be his friend while being madly in love with him and have to deal with him flirting with me still... but NOT texting him is gonna be extremely hard.

    • Id watch out. He kinda sounds like he is playing games. Don't text him, in fact be busy. Lol

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