How quickly do you get bored of the "how are you doing?" texts?

I'm trying to think of some more creative ways to start a text convo and would rather not send just a boring "how are you doing?" text.

Girls: what sorta things could a guy text you to make you feel better or brighten your day?

Guys: what have you had success with?


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  • It depends. is she your girl or someone who you like?

    • she's a girl I like & have been talking with lately

    • Okay. You can be like; how are you doing hunny, sweety, sunshine, babe, beautiful or some other sweet words you can use. You can be flirty by capitalizing some words and put smiley faces...

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  • Text her with something interesting that happened during your day that reminded you of her. I always like that because it's quirky, original and a little personal. And it shows you were thinking about her.

  • How are you feeling works wonders

  • Personally how are you doing texts are fine for me but they do get boring so maybe ask a random question about I wonder what it be like to be a fish it gives you guys something to talk about and to laugh about the next day when a convo dies ask what happened today for her and just listen to what she says


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