First date with girl?

First off, I'm in my mid twenties but I started dating pretty late and am a little naive when it comes to dating in general. I've been on a few first dates and have had a serious relationship in the past, so I guess I'm not a complete dummy. Here's what I'm looking at, I met a girl as weekend and got her number, from just our short time together she seems like a pretty cool girl. I called her a few days later and asked her on a date, she said yes. So we're looking at a date on Saturday, but I'm not sure if I should wait till then to talk to her again, or if I should continue to call or text her till then, Honestly I'm very ignorant on this kind of thing and really don't want to screw this up. Any advice would be very beneficial.


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  • I mean, it's the week of the holidays, so I would drop her a line on Thrusday or Friday and tell her something cute like that now that the Hetic holidays are over you're glad you're excited to see her and chill. Just drop her a cute message to let her know you're thinking about her and looking forward to seeing her. Then when you guys go out, you'll have a little something to talk about. Just don't have a text marathon. Let the convo naturally fizzle and then go about your day. Save something for the date.


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