am very affectionate, and I like to show my "love."

I met this boy a few weeks ago and we basically party every week-end together and we end up at his place every time.

We haven't had the talk about what we were looking for, and so it's a little bit confusing too me. I couldn't say I'm love, but I really like him and I am being exclusive to him.

The thing is I don't know whether or not I can be very touchy in public. I usually just kiss him on the cheeks (I'm from Europe and this is how girls greet both girls and guys), and I stroke his fingers from times to times, but I don't dare trying to hold hands with him. He does hold my hand a bit and grabs me by the hip.

The thing is I am very affectionate, and I like to show my "love", but I don't know what are the limits when it comes to a f*** buddy ?


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  • You need to hash that out with him, Missy. I'm a fairly affectionate European too, but I don't allow for random (and public) hip-steering unless there's a major understanding in place.

    You just decided to be exclusive and to let him do whatever he likes with you in pubic. This sends a very clear message out to people who see you. Get a clear perspective and discuss it with him. Draw the line yourself.

    • I know we should talk about him, but I'm afraid it will scare him off :/

    • If a question or two scare him off, then he's not the guy for you. You have to know what you have to know. You're not a ham at the marketplace... He has a conscious decision to make.

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  • well you could always try being affectionate and if he pulls away just make a joke out of it? Or you could ask if he minds if you do xyz in public


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  • You need to understand the concept of a f*** buddy; love is not involved.

    My f*** buddy gets super overly touchy in public when he's drunk, usually leads to us fighting about it and having amazing angry sex. haha.

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