Do you kiss just softly the first time?

Do you kiss by just touching your lips with your partner or what ?

I Haven't kissed a girl yet and I want to . I am shy .

Do you French kiss the first time ?

Should a guy kiss a girl's neck or something else before kissing her lips ?

How to kiss the first time ?

What atmosphere and place would be ideal for first kiss ?


  • First kiss - just touch each others lips softly
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  • First kiss - kiss other passionately ( No french kiss )
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  • First kiss - french kiss
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  • Anything else
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say hold off kissing her neck first. If you're on a date, wait til you feel there's a spark from both of you. If she gives you vibes that she likes you e.g. touches you quite a bit, looks into your eyes a lot, moves her body towards you, well that's when you can proceed to kiss her and "soft kiss" first. If she kisses you back and comes back for more, then you can get a little more creative.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I've only kissed one guy and this is what I learnt from us:

    I'd say in between A and B, not too passionsate, but I want to kiss enough to... get in sync with his... rhythm.. lol

    Save French for when you're more comfortable with her

    Definitly kiss on the lips first. First time he kissed me on the neck was because I felt a little awkward. It was night along a river in the middle of the city, very few people, but these guys noticed us and I felt uncomfortable, so he started kissing my neck. I totally forgot there was anyone else around! lol

  • I haven't ever kissed anyone either, and I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding (I'm old fashioned, I know), but I often dream of a first kiss that plays out as follows:

    We're sitting alone in a semi-lit area at night. Either outside under a pretty tree, or in an empty room by a fireplace. There's a comfortable silence, and we both get the butterflies and we're looking at each other all nervous, and reeeallly slloooowwlly, he leans in and we baaareelly touch lips, but it is long, sweet, slow, and warm. It isn't just touching lips though, it's moving, but it's really really gentle and feels respectful and protective. I don't know... I guess I may watch too many romance movies... lol

  • the first time it's really soft and gentle and easy. and that's not just your first kiss ever. but first kiss with each new guy

  • It depends how much I know the guy, my recent ex who was my boyfriend just french kissed me, but it felt more comfortable because we already knew each other. link Kissing shouldn't be something you have to think about.


What Guys Said 1

  • The location and atmosphere doesn't matter so much. Make the kiss good, and she'll romanticise the hell out of the location and atmosphere after the fact.

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