Met a girl at work, but I have a girlfriend

I've been with my girlfriend for two years, not a long time, but we've gotten comfortable. I invited her to move in with me six months ago, since I own my place and she rented. Well, I met this girl at work about a eight months ago. I didn't really give her much thought even though she is gorgeous, and the type of a girl I go for when I'm single. We started having a fling about a month ago, and I think I'd rather be with her than my current girlfriend. My relationship with my girlfriend has grown dull and routine, whereas this past month has been fun and exciting. I can't wait to get to work to see her. We go out after work, and since my girlfriends job is demanding, I've invited her over quite a few times. She caught us once, but we weren't doing anything yet luckily. She loves football, so she was watching the game with me and drinking a beer. So my girlfriend thought that I'd invited someone over to watch the game... and luckily she has met her when my buddies have come over as well for football. She didn't question why the girl was over at any rate.

Anyway, I overheard my girlfriend telling one of her best friends that she thinks I am ready to propose which freaked me out about a month before the affair started. For one, we've only been together two years and I have a five year rule after watching my parents divorce. They didn't know each other long, got married too young and spent most of my childhood fighting. So I've always said I'd be at least in my late twenties, and in a relationship for five years.

I plan to tell my girlfriend the truth, I woke up this morning and looked at her and thought "what the hell have I done? Why am I cheating?" and realized that she isn't the girl for me, but also it's not fair to keep dragging her along like this. She hasn't done anything wrong.

But I am wondering, this girl I am seeing now, is she someone I just had a fling with, kind of like a rebound? Should I pursue a relationship with her, or should I just end it with her too, give myself time to be single, and meet the right one?


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  • Spare your girlfriend the cheating and just break up with her. I would tell her that you just don't see yourself with her for the rest of your life. You are not compatible. She'll be pissed and heartbroken, but you won't leave her bitter. If you tell her you cheated, you will do much more damage.

    The new girl, if she knows about your girlfriend her character sucks and you should think about that before you commit to her. If she doesn't know about your girlfriend, she's probably alright. And remember, new things are always more exciting than the same old everyday thing.

    • Thanks, yeah I did just that when I told her. I didn't tell her I'd been cheating. And you were also right about the girl, she's having an affair now with some other guy at work... she did it when I told her I was breaking up with my girlfriend. Not sure what went on there, but most people think she was in it for the fling and got freaked about the seriousness.

      But I couldn't stay with my ex anyway, not after I cheated.

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  • My opinion: Regardless of whether or not you have a future with the girl from work, you obviously don't want to be with your current girlfriend, so it's only fair that you let her know sooner than later. As for the girl from work, if you like her so far, you might as well give it a shot... There's only one way to find out if she's right for you, and that's to give her a chance to form a proper relationship with you.


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  • You are not relationship material, after years routine strikes EVERY couple!

    But for the sake of your current girlfriend please leave her and don't deceive her any longer! She deserves better!

  • I don't give a guck about you, you're a douche. But I care about your girlfriend. Since you are going to break up with her, no point of telling her you are a piece of sh*t, spare her feelings.

    Now, about the other chicl that you bang, she's probably already sleeping around. Girls like her always do and know how to lie.

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