Made end of date awkward, what should I do now?

I've known her for 11 months. I don't get to see her much cause she's busy with school and work. I saw her one month go. Yesterday we went to the movies. Little flirting and some holding hands. When I took her home I walked her to her door and she have me a long tight hug. Then we said a few things, but I made it awkward cause I didn't kiss her and hugged her two more times... I texted her later cause I felt like if I knew she still had a good time is feel better about it but she didn't reply. He may have been asleep already cause she eas tired. What do I do now?

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  • The awkward hug is fine. But being so uncomfortable that you NEEDED to text her was an awful move... but I suspect you know that.

    Also... it's only awkward if YOU'RE awkward.

    Best next move is to just continue interacting with her like you would have you kissed her goodnight.

    Since she didn't reply to your last text (hopefully it was a normal text and not something horribly needy) you must give her time to miss you. I don't know what your current texting frequency is... but double or triple it. This gives her time to wonder what you're doing.

    Then touch base with something flirty and fun. Maybe a super cute photo of a puppy next to your face? Or that funny guy you guys saw at the mall? Or Justin Beiber with a message that says, "I've found the perfect guy for you!"

    Touch base, flirt, and get her alone again. And this time KISS HER...

    What's worse?

    Continuing to have awkward dates where you end up hugging her, going home nervous, and wondering where you're at every night?

    OR trying to kiss her only to have her push you away with a giggle, and then her saying, "Listen... I don't like you that way" after which you can go home and feel proud of yourself for making a move AND you can relax knowing how she feels. PLUS, if she's open to another "date" you can try again... because if she's open to another date then she's open to you trying to kiss her again.

    Either way... give her space, time, and then flirty fun text's/phone calls... and escalate.

    ~ Robby

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    • How exactly is a flirty phone call? I was going to calm her tmrw to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and maybe set up te next date. Last night we talked about maybe this Sunday. Is tmrw too soon to call? I don't want I miss my chance nor blow it.

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  • Ask her out again...keep in haven't ruined things because you haven't kissed her lol...just remind her that you're still there and you're still interested :o)

  • well, then kiss her on the next date:)


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  • Ask her on another date... kiss her at some point DURING the date, don't wait until the end.

    • It was a movi date >.<

    • So what?

    • Yep great advice, evdm on movie date plenty of opportunity.. Like when you both decide to grab so e snacks, waiting in line, or during the previews.. Or if you are playing arcade game... Lol

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