If you hooked up with a girl and she texted you afterwards?

I met a on Friday at a party and we hooked up (no sex). He seemed like a really nice dude, he was very sweet and told me not to feel pressured into anything when we were hooking up, he went down on me, he paid for a cab for me, etc. Thing is, he doesn't go to the same school as me and he was just visiting for the weekend. I texted him on Saturday and told him to come to a party that I was gonna be at and he said he wasn't sure what he was doing that night but he'd be down to meet up. Later that night he texted me and said hey what's up? and I told him I was at the party and asked if I'd see him there...no response. But I feel like he may have just gotten caught up in things, cause he was only visiting, and his friends are understandably more important. But anyways, do you think I should text him and just be friends with him? Even though we'll never see each other again? Guys, if you were him, would you respond or would you not really care to talk to the girl cause you don't see any reason to?


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  • trying making a joke or send something funny but as for keeping his attention at a distance unless he's really stuck on his word it will be hard for him to keep up try calling him cause us guys don't walk with phones a lot or text eithier so try a call.


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  • What is hooking up without sex? I don't get this. It makes no sense. Explain what you mean by "hooked up"

    • She said he went down on her. I hope she got him off too, or we might guess why he's not in the biggest rush ever to meet up.

    • Sorry didn't see that part. I dunno, you had a one night stand basically. When you hook up with random guys you should expect to never see them again. That's how it works.

  • Did he ever hit you back? If I went down on a girl and she was as pretty as you Id definitely hit her back. My guess is that he didn't want to go to your party as much as he just wanted to hang out with you alone. I think you should definitely text him if you're into him. Best of luck


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