Does he miss me? What does this mean?

My boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago and it took him 3 months to text me his new number, this is our conversation when we text each other. Please tell me what you think.

him- Hey.. Its josh. Got a new phone

me- do you know who your texting?

him- I assume Britany

me- why are you texting me?

him- ..nevermind sorry

me- its OK I just wanted to know. do you miss me or something?

him- I never faked anything. I never used you.

me- I'm confused why you won't answer your phone

him- Not now. I'm in philly I'm in philly with my friend I'm going to call you soon that is unless you sleeping than ill call tomorrow. but your like nocternal lol

me- my phones dieing ill text you when im

home than you can call :)

he says OK I text him 3 hours later saying I'm home you can call doesn't reply I ask did you fall asleep he says nothing than later on text him saying you get my

texts nothing then like 8 hours later I ask him

josh sorry about the questions but are you mad at me you Haven't text me back?

him- I work 7 days a week with 2 jobs. I don't have time.

me -wait so we can't talk? you said you would call me and never did I don't get it

him- I was sleeping you got home too late and today I was busy.

me - well when can we tlk on the phone? I really want to tlk to you him- I don't know britt. When I can and I'm not busy

me- be honest did you miss me?

him- don't ask me that. If I wanted to say that I wouldve

me- wow you never changed

him- you always try to force crap outta me. Ill say something when I'm ready

me- why did you give me your number than?

him- you don't know me anymore. Everythings changed. you said you wanted to be friends. that's why That doesn't mean I'm going to say I miss you That gets feelings involved

me- your being a jerk like the last time I saw you what changed yeah you have two jobs congrats but I treated you so well and

you still treat me like crap

him- And feelings are the last thing I need right now I treated you well but you pressured me into letting you come I told you

I wasn't ready And f*** you you have no idea what I been through me- you played head games with me josh yeah come don't come yeah come ugh I was confused

him- Tryning to say nothing but employment changed you kept pressuring me

me- tell me you know I still care what's happend please can we tlk on the phone texting just is ugh

him- I'm WORKING

me- okkk so tell me what happened ill listen

him -Not now. Ill tell you when I'm ready. don't try to force it out of me. Ill shut down.

me- OK I understand I apoligize

just keep your head up everything will just be okay :)

him- Thanks. Ill talk to you later I'm not feeling good.

me- aww feel better I'm always,here for you even though we

argue text me when you want to talk :)

and he hasn't text me since its been 3 days do you think he will talk to me again?


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  • Why are you all over him like that?! Be nice but keep very much distance at te same time! That's important! I can't belive you asked him "do you miss me" WTF...

    • well I didn't get why he text me I was confused so do you think he will tlk to me again?

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