Is this too soon to be thinking about a relationship?

So we are in college (freshmen) and my closest guy friend and I had become so close, to the point where we had started hooking up. It was weird, because I never really knew where where stood. I wasn't sure if he had been okay with where his was going. (We would make out for hours late at night, french kiss a ton, we would sleep together everynight with him holding me really close, but we wouldn't have sex). I was always sittig on his lap and all over him, and he was always stroking me and rubbing my ass and crotch and stuff (clothes on tho!) We were super super close emotionally. This physical stuff was going on for like two-three weeks until I kinda had enough. I told him I had feelings for him, and he said he did too. But he wasn't trying to do anything about it. It was just getting too awkward for me, because it felt like sometimes during the day he would just act like none of happened, then other times be into it. He would always still act really kind to me and stuff, but I was getting confused. Do you think its crazy of me to ask where we stood as "us"? Do you think it was too soon for a relationship? We basically acted like a couple we just didn't have the title and official status.

We just got along so so well. We told each other everything.


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  • I think it is crazy to ask where you guys are becuase to be honest you guys really aren't anything yet. so it would be pushing it to ask this because it's so far into the future. Iget what you're confused though cause it sounds like you guys are dating, just without the label or the attachments. And you told him that you had feelings and he said he didn't want to do anything about it. So that sounds like he's just there for you until a girl he really likes shows up. in other wrods, he's just killing time

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