My boyfriend has an account on Dont know what to think

My boyfriend has an account on OK he has a profile which he's had before I got with him. Now he is not subscribed he can only look and wink. But lately I have noticed that the girls he winks at close their profiles so you can't see them. He also got a message on it that is suddenly gone. Yet still not subscribed. Yes I tried sending an email and it asked me to subscribe. Can someone please explain how this site works do you have a time limit on your messages. And what should I make of the girls he's winking at who's profiles are now unavailable. I know he's not cheating cause we're.always together.


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  • I am unsure of how the site works but most dating sites have typically a 3-6 month time frame for message expiration.

    However if you two are always together I hope you can try and have a little more faith in him and not doubt his intentions or feel insecure.

    However I am strong believer in communication. But it's a tight rope to tread up on if you decided to bring this up with him as you most certainly don't want him to think you are insecure or suspicious person and push him away. If you guys have been dating for a while, I would recommend you have an open heart communication with him, if not, you can always bring it up appropriately in a conversation in a non-challant fashion.

    Good luck and hope everything works out for you.

    • I do trust him he's only looking all guys do. It females I don't trust therefore I do not like females.

    • oh almost forgot I have talked to him about it he said he no longer goes on the site. But he does I checked his profile and the history on his computer. I don't care if he goes on and looks but why lie about it. Makes me wonder what else he's lying about. I check to make sure he never subscribes looking is one thing emailing these sluts is another. Those site are nothing but relationship destroyers. Sorry I'm buttered.

    • What disturbs me is why lie?! There is nothing ambiguous about it. He either goes to these sites or he doesn't there is no reason to lie, and what fears me more is if he can lie about this thing, how can you really trust someone. Trust is like a mirror where you can enjoy viewing how beautiful your relationship however once shattered all the duct tape in the world isn't good enough. Hope you can make it work and good luck with everything.

  • If you know he's not cheating what do you have to worry about? I don't know how the site works so I can't help you, but if you trust him to not cheat on you, being paranoid about his interactions online isn't going to help.


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