Ladies would you avoid guy friend after a hook up?

If you had been reasonably close friends and ended up having sex together many times together over a 3 day vacation together after a really bad break up with a 2 year BF? I'm sure that it was very good for her too. I told her in person I didn't want to be just friends with benefits but she didn't answer.

The last text I sent her was:

"Good morning ^^ How are you now that we're back? Lets get dinner sometime I want to talk with you more"

She said at the time she needed time to think about it.


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  • Yeah she may be feeling really awkward or having regrets considering you guys are friends. Could also be that she needs time for it to sink in and she can think about what happened.

    • Would you avoid him if you had came many times and you knew you'd really hurt a close friends felings by ignoring him?

    • Yes reason being I'd probably need space to process what I'm thinking. It has absolutely nothing to do with the guy's "performance skills" in the bedroom. Whether he was good or not is not really the greatest issue. It would be more about being good friends and maybe feeling like we rushed or I rebounded. When I'm ready to then I would talk about it or choose to forget it,

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