Guys, I have a few questions about tomorrow...

So, I've been hanging out with this guy for a while, he likes me, I like him, and we both have said it - we're not dating. We've yet to even hug or hold hands - tomorrow I'm going to his house and we're watching the Saw movies all day (because I haven't seen them and he loves them).

1. How far do I sit from him on the sofa? (Stupid question, I know[:)

2. Should I wait for him to make any sort of move, or can I initiate it?

3. If we kiss, does it matter who introduces tongue first?

Thanks, guys[:


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  • Sit pretty close, so he knows you're interested. But don't go OTT on it.. Make sure there's some space and you're not squished up together! A couple of inches space between you I'd say..

    You can initiate it, but be gentle.. Guys scare easily..

    Just keep looking at him instead of the film, smiling when he looks into your eyes and - if you're looking at each other for a while - look down at his lips briefly then back up to his eyes.. He'll probably do the same if he wants to kiss you too - or he'll just get the hint.

    You also have the bonus of it being a horrible film, so you can pretend to be scared and lean into him to hide :)


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  • Sit next to him like a couple inches apart so he knows your into doing something because you obviously are


What Girls Said 2

  • You both like each other,

    1. Sit next to him on the sofa

    2. You can initiate but maybe wait for him to do so first!

    3. It doesn't really matter who does it first so long as it's not too much!

  • Sit close. I would wait for him and let him initiate tongue but that's just my personal preference. You can kiss him if you want.