Why does she have "to go" to the bathroom so many times while we are on dates?

One woman I went out with last night had to go 4 times lol...

No no irritable bowel, didn't eat and didn't drink much. This happens quite a bit. So is it a woman thing? Why the hell do they have to go so many times on a date?

Usually it's 2-3. But tonight was 4 for one woman I asked out lol.


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  • Maybe she had her period.

    I usually go to the bathroom more frequent around that time.

    That or she is secretly pregnant :P~

    or maybe she drank alcoholic beverages before she came to see you and it affected her.

    • Nah she doesn't drink. Highly unlikely pregnant.

    • Those are just reasons for her weird behavior, I didn't say they were THE reason.

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  • Checking her appearance and texting friends for advice. Be flattered. If she doesn't return from the bathroom then she doesn't like you.

    • Advice about What? But she looks good enough as she is why the need to constantly check her appearance?

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    • Seriously? No bs?

    • yes, seriously.

  • She's doing lines in the bathroom, don't buy that "powdering my nose" BS. I'm kidding.

    Its quite possible that she's nervous and getting advice from friends via text. The nervousness is probably making her sweaty too, or she's double checking herself in the mirror.

    • Do a lot of girls text for advice? lol

    • I would hope not, but since some think its rude to be on your phone during a date, it is a possible explanation for the potty trips.

  • maybe she needs to redo her makeup. I usually go to bathroom because of this :D

    or probably she is on her ... you know that :D

    • How often does one need to do make-up? I was in the military, sot he only time we did makeup was for camouflage and it usually stays on..

  • 1) Nervous as hell?

    2) Drank too many liquids during the day?

    3) Incontinence?

  • she was probably calling her friends to talk about you during that time

    • Why? That means like she's either telling them she's okay and I'm not murdering her or something lol... Or she's really bored eh?

  • Okay well if it wasn't a digestive problem lol then it could be that she was really nervous or maybe she was trying to use her phone discreetly to take a call or text once or twice.

    • Right calls/texts. K thanks. That makes sense.

    • That makes sense, but usually she has her phone on her in front of me.

    • It could be on silent, I mean it would be rude if she had it on loud and kept replying on the spot. It's just a suggestion but it could have been anything, maybe she was touching up her make up or something.

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  • on her phone calling or texting her girl friends about you...stuff like "omg he's a slob", etc...

    ok maybe it wasn't something negative but you get the idea. she probably doesn't want to be texting in front of you since that's rude

    • Sh*t so girls reallly do that? Weird because I don't do that. Well no I mean at least my friends (guys and I) don't do that, guys don't do that. It's just weird that's all.

    • some chicks do it...i'd say a more likely reason could be that she is going to check her make-up...some chicks get really conscious about their makeup and how they look if they like the guy...so they'll be hitting the bathroom a lot to keep up their looks

  • irritable bowel?