What is he doing?? Do you think he likes me, or has gotten over me now?

It's a bit of a long one, but your insight would be helpful, thanks.

So I have been friends with this guy for a little more than a year now, who I met cos he had a fling with one of my friends.

We have talked a lot and get along really well, but in august last year we hooked up, it never got awkward or anything which was good.

But we've slept together a few times since then and iv visited him at work often, but never really hung out. He use to ring me and msg me and talk to me on msn heaps more until recently.

The last time I saw him was a couple of weeks ago at his work and the last time we really did anything was before new years. And its almost always me that msgs first, but he always replys and is never rude or anything, he's nice, but he never does it first like before.

I like him, but I don't want to push him into anything or make it awkward for both of us.

He is a really nice decent guy, but I have no idea if he doesn't want to see much of me anymore...

Do you think he likes me, or has gotten over me now?

Or am I just obsessing about nothing, and should not worry about it? And how would I show that I do like him more than just a fling without scaring him away?

Thank You!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I had something similar happen with a guy, and what I noticed is, once you give them the milk for free they never see it as anything more, yesss there are times when no string attach hook ups turn into relationships but its rare, because the foundation of the realtionship is based on sex and hooking up and not actaully hanging out spending time together on a personal level ya no?...as for not acting as he normally did the only 3 reasons I would come up with are:

    1.) He's met someone new that has his attn (strong possibility)

    2.) He's starting to feel guilty for what he's doing ( doubt that tho)

    3.) He's just so use to you being around that he doesn't even have to put the effort in to contacting you because he knows you will eventually

    From what I know about guys and my guy friends is.. most guys WONT turn down oppprtunities for sex, and since your offering it, he's just going to take it, guys can hook up with girls without actaully feeling that connection like they want to be boyfriend and gf, which sucks, because that happened to me a few times, just like you your suddenly realizing you want something more than a fling, so my advice to you right now is to STOP contacting him, no calls, no texts, no msn, and noooo showing up at his job. See how him disappearing has made you wonder? well you have to do the same to him and see what he does, and from my past I have a pretty good feeling he will pop up again, and its at that time that you mention about doing something else, even if its something little like going to dunkin donuts to get hot choclate, just ANYTHING to see how he acts OUTSIDE the bedroom...good luck, and no more contact because honestly your making him feel like his dick is made out of 24k gold, and by the way he's acting he doesn't deserve it! haha Use the time that you arnt contacting him to focus on other guys and just watch how fast you get over this, because these flings never materalize into anything ever, and in thee end all you end up with is some horny guy after sex, and its not fun when you know you want more than that

    • Thanks, I will try and ignore him, no work no msn no notihng, and hopefully he missed me lol

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What Guys Said 2

  • Just be honest with him. Say like, "where is this going, because if you feel something too, then maybe we can try it out just to see how it feels." And if he really cares, he will respond. Hope this helps!

  • Sorry I don't answer anonomous questions.

    • U spelt 'anonymous' wrong :)

    • Ya, lol sorry about that. Half the time I'm writing the answers to these things it's like 3am ;). That and it won't let me go back and proof read after I've posted it and edit.. Oh well? I guess we aren't in english 101 lol.

What Girls Said 3

  • If he wants you for more than a fling, he will let you know. It sounds like he hasn't changed, but you have. Has he given you any indication that he wants a relationship with you or anyone? If he hasn't then he is either oblivious or not interested. Try to avoid the question, "where is this going"? Usually not a statement that will entice a guy to commit to you.

    Tell him that you are having fun the way things are but want to know if he has feelings beyond FWB. Chances are that he's seeing someone else and taking them out, which could explain why you two aren't 'going public'. If you want more, then you need to find out where he stands or his feelings towards you. If he's a cut to the chase guy, then just put it out there and make a decision as to how you want to proceed. Either love him or leave him alone. KRL

  • I'd really think you guys should sit down and talk about your situation. You need clear your status with him and figure out where you stand in his life. Right now, I think he saw you as occassional bed partner and he probably sleeping with another girls too. I don't see anything wrong with talking to him and yeah if he doesn't share your feeling it is going to make it awkward but you need to know where you stand in his life. You need to move on with your life if he is not going to date you.

  • I think he's just not that into you, otherwise I believe he still would initiate the contact with you. I agree with Brainwasher420, just tell him what you feel and see if he reciprocate.

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