How to kiss a tall guy?

He's around 6.3 feet and I'm 5.4 feet. I've never dated a guy this tall or around that height and I'd like some tips about how to kiss him! please!

Thanks =D


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  • I loveeee shorter girls :) they are the most fun when kissing lol Just run and jump arms and legs around him and kiss lol although that's not recommended if you have just started dating lol! Or wait till he's sitting down and hug him from behind then move round and kiss him or ask him to bend down sayin you want to whisper something then kiss or kick him in the balls till he doubles over in pain then kiss him lol! ok that last one is not recommended hehe

    There's lots you can do, just be a bit creative ;)


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  • Same way you kiss a shorter guy. If you're in bed or on a sofa, height's not a problem.

    But kissing when you're both standing is a bit more complicated. High heels, tip toes, standing on stairs for you. Leaning down for him.


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  • I'm dating a guy who's 5'11 and I'm 5'2 so its kind of the same deal aha
    What I do is kiss him when we're sitting , or I stand on a curb , lol it gets cute 💕
    You can also wrAP your arms around his neck and he will raise you up , or you can always hug him and get on your tippy toes and kiss him on the cheek , he should get the deal and bend down and kiss you

  • Sorry this is probably obvious info...but high heels?

    And you don't always have to kiss standing up...couch make-outs? car, on grass, ect.

    But I'm curious too! (My answers were just guesses) I'm kinda short too (5.3 ft) and tend to like tall guys =D

    It'd be nice to relieve the guy of any back pain from hunching over...yep!