Do these outings we have gone on count as "dates"? And do my chances seem good?

These are the outings so far with the most memorable things I can remember put in parentheses

1. Going to the aquarium together and looking at fish + chit chat

2. Going to have coffee at a restaurant and chatting

(I noticed she mirrored me a bit)

3. Going to see a movie and she dressed up. (so did i)

(she kept going to the bathroom so many times)

4. Going shopping

(just walking around, I didn't like looking at women clothes so I was bored)

5. Checking out a nature park-trail thing

(She said we should hang out more often)

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PS we have NEVER kissed.

Do they still count?


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  • anything from grabbing a cup of coffee to hiking together counts as a date.. if yall are spending alone time together (unless your studying for a test.. I wouldn't really count that) ... yall are taking time outta your norm routine to see each other.. it counts.


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