Should I call him or need to wait for his call?

i have met a guy tonight in a family Thanksgiving party. he was a friend of one of our friend's son. so we were talking alittle bit and everyone was saying he likes me Because seems he was asking about me all the time. but I couldn't show that I like him too Because my brother was in the party and I was so uncomfortable.

so they were going to go out and asked me to go with them. but then I found out that my brother needs our car, so I told them I can not make it. when our friend's son was leaving ask me to call him if I wanted to hang out with them ( I have got his number like 2 years ago and also I have him in my Facebook). and then that guy left without saying bye! but he came back after min to just say bye to me and said to call out friend's son if I wanted to hang out!

so the q is should I call them? or wait if he wanted to bother himself giving my number form our friend's son or find me in Facebook?


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  • Well he said to call him. Guys don't usually BS this stuff. He said "Call" so he means "call". lol

    • u know, that's the thing..if he really want to CALL then he can exactly go through the way I have to get my number from his friend! or simply add me on face book...i feel alittle strange to call his friend in order to reach him. you know!

    • oooh, Yeah I see. That is kinda strange. but maybe he's kinda nervous. lol

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  • i say call him.. if you talked with the guy and he seems your type.. and he asked you to call him.. go for it!

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