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Okay I know a few people that might meet a girl go out a couple times and then they are getting laid, then couple days later they are going steady. While at the same time I might go out on a date and get dropped like a bad habit. I know that I get nervous when it comes around to making a move, but damn what is that I must do or say to get to that stage in my life. Right now I have never had sex, a kiss or even a girlfriend. I am sitting here wondering what I am lacking (other then some self-confidence). It is like what do you talk about or do to get to where I want to go?


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  • It seems like your a nice guy whom just needs a confidence boost. Who cares how far other guys gets with other girls. It's all about you and your life. Focus on who are dating and don't think about getting laid so much and just be chill relaxed and confident and then you know things will begin to happen for ya


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