Ladies, if you crashed at a male buddies and hooked up what would you sleep in?

A friend is being coy with her answer...she stayed over at a buddy's house. She crashes at girlfriend's apartments often if she goes out late. A couple of days later she gave him a pair of workout shorts back. Did they hook-up or did she sleep on the couch?

Normally when I have a girl stay over we either sleep nude or she may put her panties on.


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  • what kind of friends do you sleep with...wth? they would just sleep nude/half naked? WTFF?

    all my guy friends give me their bed and a change of clothes so I can be comfty :/ then ill change and give it back when I leave

    and how does that make sense? I mean...what kind of girl wants to wear a pair of shorts 2x their size to go home? unless he came all over her clothes and she had to wear shorts to go home...ORRR she cleaned it before giving it back to him

    youll never know :/ curiosity sucks

    • Lol! Thank you for your answer. She usually takes the clothes home and washes them. She had a change of clothes for the next day. It is just that when I have a female hook-up over we usually sleep naked. If I have a female friend over I give her a change of clothes.

      The reason behind the curosity, she sometimes flirts with me and I was just wondering if it is fun or something else. I'll find out soon enough, but was pondering as I am sitting on the beach.

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