Do I call him or wait for him to call?

i was in a Thanksgiving gathering last night with friends and family. one of our friend's son had brought his brazilian co-worker too. that guy seemed to like me, Because he was trying to dance like in my culture, or was talking and asking about me all the time. even other friends was trying to hint me that he likes me, they were saying he just were asking about me since the begining,...

but my brother was in there too, so I was kinda uncomfortable. they were going out together, and asked me to join them. but since we had just gone together( my brother and i), so I said I can not make it even after they offered to give me ride!

so when our friend's son was leaving said I can call him if I want to hang out with them. then the brazilian guy said that call our friend's son who I have his number already if I want to!

the point is our friend's son has my number and even is in my face if the brazilian guy is able to get my number or add me on should I call him or wait for him to make a call if he is interested?!


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  • Go ahead and try calling break the ice.