How long should I wait before asking her what's up?

Me and this girl both really like each and we are basically a couple. The problem is the lack of communication. She doesn't have a cell phone and we only talk through Facebook about 3 times a week. Also, I see her only about once a week and sometimes not at all during the week. When we see each other it is great. We are so happy around each other and feel very comfortable. The spark is there. All of this can dramatically change for the better if she just does one thing: tell her parents about me. We have been like this for 2 months and she still doesn't do it. She just says that she will tell them at the right time but the wait has been so long and I don't understand why she doesn't tell them. She did have a boyfriend and they broke up about 2 months before she started talking with me so it's not that her parents don't let her date but maybe past relationship has something to do with it? Anyway, how long should I wait before I talk to her about this? I don't like how it is now like for example, right now we haven't talked in 3 days. I'm 24 and she is 18 if that's important. I will probably see her this Wednesday so should I talk to her about it then or should I just keep waiting?


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  • She is still living at home, if she's a daddy girl she definitely will want to wait a while. She just might want to tell them right now since she not long ago got out of a relationship and you are older so that could be a factor in her delay.

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