Agh! I'm so frustrated with girls and relationships. Any advice?

I just have no social life. I'm trying, I'm trying really really hard, but with not much luck. I really have no friends and end up staying home being bored on the weekends. I have many acquaintances, but not many friends.

People tend to already have a group of friends to hang out wit. At college every day, I make an effort to be outgoing and talk to people and flirt with the ladies, but still no luck. Many girls tend to already have a boyfriend or date guys mainly from their immediate circle. Since I really have no group of friends, I'm kinda out of luck. But I keep trying. I'm constantly striking up conversation with the ladies and have made a fool out of myself many times, but keep trying and am getting better.

I guess why I'm upset today is because I found out this girl I like is not in a relationship, but just got out of a 3 year long one, and is still friends with the guy. It just frustrates me. I'm 18 and never been in a relationship. How can I measure up to that even if she does like me? It just seems like every time I like a girl, there's something in the way. Something to pull out the rug from under me. It's created a bit of an insecurity in me as if things are going well with a girl, I'm almost waiting for something to come and screw things up. But can you blame me? I've just gotten hurt so many times because I've gotten my hopes up for a relationship and then nothing happens, even though I'm trying.


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  • well, you have two choices: 1) you can "strike out" and disappear from this girl's life or 2) if you really like her as a person, you can stick around (not so close that you become a crutch/friend-zoned though) and let her grieve over the lost relationship and wait for her to find new ground before approaching the topic of dating her. many people stay in touch when years-long relationships dissolve. it doesn't mean they're going to get back together, so don't lose all hope that something could come of this. you're 18 for pete's sake...lighten up and relax. focus on school and involving yourself in activities that will make you friends, that way if dating someone doesn't work out (and that's how the game goes, like it or not) you'll still have friends to support you.


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  • Dude I'm a girl and I think 80% of ALL girls suck, amd I have yet to find an explanation or solution

    • I'm not saying girls suck, I have the utmost respect for the ladies. I just am tired of being alone and constantly striking out.

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  • Why not move to a different country outside of the west where women are more open, warm, affectionate and less shallow, venal and materialistic?

    • Not all of us are materialistic or shallow. The girls that aren't like that don't get boyfriends, it's a vicious cycle here. Men say they want a "nice" girl but only date sluts and women say they want a "nice, respectable guy" and date losers who use them. Meanwhile all the nice girls and boys are like wtf?! lol

    • ^^^ What if the nice guys date the nice girls and just lets everyone else go to hell?

    • Then all is well, I don't see it happening, though.

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