I have no idea why he isn't texting me if he likes me?

Okay so me and this kid I have known for about 2 years started texting and hanging out a lot more. He's really sweet he was texting me good morning beautiful and goodnight gorgeous and all that stuff and I really started to like him. I have always had a crush. He says we are perfect and all that stuff. One day he just stopped texting my so I was talking to my best friend that day and she said that he told her he like me. I was all ooh not recently then. But it turns out that he told her that morning. I have no idea why he isn't texting me if he likes me. He just seemed so perfect for me...

and he wouldn't text me back :(
so he texted me the other night and I was all uhh what are you doing and he's all uh idk. I was asking why he stopped texting me and why he was ignoring me and he had no answer. The past few convorsations have been awkward..
we are now dating :)

buut he is still having problems with not texting back...I'll get him into shape ;)


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  • well it seems to me that your in luck. He does sound like he likes you A TON. I only text girls "good morning pretty face" and "sleep well beautfiul" when I honestly like them alot. I think he's just shy. I bet it wouldn't hurt if you texted him... I mean, what do you have to lose?

    Say something unexpected and humorous like "Sup fool" or "Whats crackin playa?" lol that'll be a good spark to a interesting convo, then talk about your thanksgiving. I bet he's wondering how yours went.

    • yeah I tried texting him that day didn't work :/

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    • soo should I try to text hom or wait for him to text me?

    • if you already texted him, then don't text him again. If he eventually does text you then text him back, like everything is all good. Basically, just give him the same response he gives you.

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  • If I were you, I'd ask him why he stopped texting you and say that you really like talking to him. That will probably get him to start again.

  • No clue, its kinda odd.


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