When should I text this guy, if at all?

My mom basically set me up to meet this kid Tyler who's the grandson of a friend of hers. I met him for the first time today at his recording studio. It was kind of awkward... because it was just me, my mom and my mom's fiance.

We didn't get a lot of alone time to talk but we chatted a bit and he seemed pretty chill. He asked me if I had Facebook (I don't) and then he gave me his card and said I should call him if I want to hang out.

Am I supposed to take that as he's interested? He didn't have to give me his number, but he did.

So when should I text him, or should I just not? He's a good hour away from my school and I don't drive. I don't know.


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  • Just text him

    You have nothing to lose but a friendship to gain!

    I wouldn't just text him but I would also call him and aim him.

    People act differently through text then on the phone as well as in person.

    • Thanks for best answer!

      I hope everything worked out with you and Tyler!

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  • you have nothing to lose to text him. if you think you might like him then do it. it won't hurt anything at all.

  • thats all on you I guess. do you like the guy or not?

  • I think you need to focus on your life and yourself for now, these guy things don't really seem to be working out for you right now

    no offense meant by the way


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