He never texts me back. Is that a red flag?

We've been together for almost a year. So far things are wonderful, we never fight and have lots of fun together. He's very considerate and loving but... When it comes to texting I only text him once or twice a week. Since we see each other nearly every day. When we are apart I'll send something small if I have something to say(again only once or twice a week). He rarely ever texts me back. Yet when it comes to his ex or his friends he's usually very quick about texting back and texting actual sentences. Why is that? I feel jealous of them and unimportant. I've been sick the past couple days and since yesterday was Thanksgiving I sent a very heartfelt 3page text. He never texted back. And the next day he didn't say anything about it when he came to visit. I don't wanna come off as needy but it really annoys me. Is there anything I can do about this?


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  • i don't text either...

    • You don't text Anyone or just not texting your girlfriend?

    • Anyone? Then that's exceptable. If you single out your girlfriend then my question is why?

    • i don't text anyone

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