Was this awkward for him?

Preface: this was my first kiss with this guy -- I was hanging out with my guy friend last night, and we were watching movies, holding hands/cuddling, etc. I had to go home, and he grabbed my shoes and coat and scarf for me, I put it on, thanked him for having me over, etc. Then I was like "is it okay if I kiss you in front of your brothers?" (they're younger than us.) and he was like "I don't care." So I kissed him, we had like three short open-mouthed kisses, and then said goodnight and I left. It didn't feel awkward, but is there some chance it was awkward for him? Does it sound awkward?! Lol. Thanks!


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  • i m pretty sure he liked it, he's just shy. if he werent shy, he'd kick his brother out of the room and attack you during the movie.


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