Guys is there a difference between being in a relationship with one girl and having feelings for another girl?

Basically if you've been in a relationship with a girl for quite a while and another girl takes your fancy. Does it mean you want to be with her or do you just admire her beauty and know your limits. I have had experiences with a guy whose in a relationship me and him are friends but I've started to have feelings for me and I have been told he feels the same. I have not told him how I feel as I've just found out he has this girlfriend. He knows that I know this but he didn't tell me. I had to get someone else to find out. As he would not tell me. every time he sees me he stares and we have a lot of chemistry. When I'm around he goes quiet and just seems mesmerized. I know he's attracted to me but yet he's with some ugly girl who dresses like a complete tramp. I can tell she's a bit of a slut. I can tell they are not loved up as I think she's more like a friend with benefits. She follows him everywhere and I can see she likes him more than he likes her. She is all over him and he just does not seem bothered with her. With me and him its exciting , new and I know there is potential. I want to tell him how I feel but I can never get him alone as she's always there. She gives me dirty looks and I know she has talked about me to this girl. I'm not a bad person. I don't steal peoples partners but they are not meant to be. He has even told his guy friends about me as when I was walking up the road the guy I like was facing the other way and he nudged him to look up. An when he did he quickly looked away. Must of been embarrassed. What should I do?


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  • my dear.been there , done that.

    i simply kept on looking at him as well, and he did too.

    in the end they separated, not bcs of me but bcs of her, she left him.she was the bitch and he understood it as well.

    be friendly with him, never let him down and i`m sure it will pay sometimes patient as well.he should always feel comfortable and trust will be very important to him I can tell you.

    good luck.

    • Yeah I get that. What do you mean he just looked and did not pursue you? An yeah the girl looks like a bitch and he looks insecure. An yeah I suppose friends is better than nothing. I will just move on and look to potentially find a different guy. He feels a bit comfortable but I'm not sure I can say the trust is there.

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    • yes we still do talk.the only problem is I am living in another country for the moment , otherwise we would have been together for sure.anyways he asked me when I left if I was going back and I said if I find a job I will for sure.if I was you i`d talk to him.even me in the situation I am , sometimes am thinking to write him a letter where I tell him please don`t loose the chance and do it.

    • Arh that's good :). Really should I? He has a girlfriend tho but I know he likes me. I don't know what to say though. I don't want to lose the chance. But I will lose him as a friend when he knows hw I feel as if it will b awkward to see him and talk knowing how I feel.

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