What do you think of this text, to get this guy back?

Saturday, I met this guy at a bar, we stayed there till 5am. He really cared, BUT, I know he thought I didn’t like him, I wasn’t open (he wanted me to be & to tell him everything, so he could help me be happier/confident). He knew I was insecure/unhappy. (Nothing happened though because I accidentally pulled away; he didn't try anything after that just keeping me warm. I confused him.)

Sunday-Wednesday, he is not texting back at all :(

So; I texted him asking him yesterday to tell me what I'd done wrong & he texted back:

>He didn't like it when I lied about my age, (HE THOUGHT I was 19 (I AM) but for some reason I blurted out I'm 16, because I don't look/feel/act 19 at all)

>I wasn't open enough

>I phoned him too much the day after

This is the text, I'm thinking of sending back: " No, I am definitely 19, I didn't lie to you. I said I was 16 because I honestly don't feel 19. You can look at my passport if you really want c: . I will try to be more open with you. It's hard for me because I am not used to it. I hope we can start again, because you were a lovely guy and are you free on Wednesday? Oh and sorry for ringing and texting too, I only cared. "

Opinions, suggestions? Would love to hear!


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  • That text is completely perfect :) Couldn't be said any better :)

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